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James Perkins

Posted on December 31, 2019

In the past I have talked about a how to learning the skills to become a developer. I am a self taught developer, who spent a few years just typing Java with no real instruction or books and it helped build a foundation however I wished 11 years ago we had the ability to source all the best tutorials into one place.

What is is a community driven one one stop shop of learning by building. Created by Xtremilicious (Nilarjun Das) he explains in the repository. Tutorials are great, but building projects is the best way to learn. Do project based learning and learn code the right way! produces an easily searchable listing of Tutorials in Design to coding and in many languages including React, JavaScript, Java, C# and many others. The tutorials are a mix of video and text based learning, the videos are usually Youtube hosted and can span hours of content.

Why is important? is important to the growing community of new learners who want to learn how to code or developers looking to grow a skillset for a new project or career move. is about quality over quantity, I spend a lot of time interacting with the community through multiple channels and I see tutorials that are of poor quality but are on lists of “Top” tutorials where no true balance and checks have been done, which affects the learner when they are trying to improve themselves.

How can you help is community driven! Which means you can help by adding tutorials that are of High quality to the repository. The update is as simple as following the contribute.MD which explains to add the Project to the data.js and update the Readme.MD to reflect the newly added tutorial.

If you have a tutorial that you have worked hard on, add it as a pull request and spread the knowledge. If you have found a tutorial that is of a high quality and helped you learn a new skill by building, then open a pull request to help others find it.projectlearn-io

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