Tovala Oven, Smart tech that makes sense!

Sat Nov 06 2021

This is a bit of a different blog post but I had to blog about this as I was extremely impressed with a Smart “Oven”. Tovala is a Smart “oven” that cooks high quality meals on it’s own. We bought one recently after my wife took on a new job, and we struggled to get good nutrition.

Really quick Tovala is not a sponsor…. Tovala if you are reading this, lets talk.

What is a Tovala

Tovala is a large desktop oven that can bake, broil, stream and reheat food. That isn’t the revolutionary part of the product.. The oven itself has a barcode scanner built in that sends instructions to the oven and of course an application. For example you could scan a pizza box and it will give it the oven instructions that are probably different than the box but it cooks the perfect pizza every single time. The real power comes from their subscription box that is similar to in style to Marley Spoon or green chef.

Meal plans

So we ordered the oven and I cooked a pizza and some other things in it and they came out great, this week, a box showed up with some delicious meals.

For example I received:

  • Gochujang-Glazed Salmon
  • Spiced Potato & Veggie Fajita Bowls
  • Stuffed Shells in Pumpkin safe sauce
  • Blackened Chicken

They come packaged in a neat little box and everything inside is recyclable:

Example Box

So here is what a meal looks like packaging wise:

top package middle end

The first meal

Okay I thought it would be interesting to trust this with my first ever Salmon meal in the 33 years of being on the planet!

So I open the package and these are the instructions word for word:

  1. Grab the separate Vacuum-sealed Salmon Filet (No Skin) , open it and place it with the flat side down in the tray
  2. Gently shake the Gochujang Glaze to recombine, then spread it on the Salmon
  3. Put only the salmon tray in your oven, turn the card over and scan the barcode .
  4. Gently shake the Honey Kimchi Dressing to recombine, then toss the Cabbage Slaw Salad in it.
  5. Transfer the Salmon and Salad to a plate or bowl. Optional: For contrasting crunch, sprinkle the Sesame Stick Crumble on top.

The total cook time was 13:15 with zero pre heat… it came out exactly at 145f and tasted great. Here is an example below:


Thoughts so far.

I’ve only had this thing a week, but the cost of meals are cheaper than buying groceries throwing them out and ordering take out. If you are looking for an alternative to meal kits with zero prep this is for you.

The oven cost $99 if you commit to ordering 6 weeks of meals over 3 months. Totally worth it.