Why Brave Browser is Number 1

James Perkins

Posted on October 29, 2019

Brave Browser has been circling the privacy advocates to show that you can browser the internet without popups, tracking, ads etc. Brave is open source power house that is built on Chromium and can be built directly from the source code, if you are especially security conscious or you can download it right from their website. I’ve been using Brave since April and haven’t looked back! They released 1.0 in November and have always been working on new features and fixes whilst being concerned about the users privacy.

What is different ?

Brave does some great stuff, firstly it blocks ads and trackers from being loaded when you are browsing the internet which means the internet is faster. They claim that news sites load 6x faster than chrome / firefox. Which is an impressive claim but from my standpoint it defiantly loads the sites are use faster.

Brave also offers true incognito browsing, by letting you use tor right in the browser. Tor does some great stuff, firstly it hides your history, it hides your location from the site you are visiting by routing the traffic through multiple servers before hitting your laptop and finally everything is encrypted to increase your anonymity.

Brave pays you to view ads, when you turn on their Brave Rewards you get Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to view privacy focused ads. You can set how many ads you see an hour, and you can use that money to support creators like myself. In the future they are going to offer the ability to use BAT to purchase items such as gift cards and subscriptions.

Brave encourages you to pay your favorite creators. For example if you love my content and you are using Brave Browser you can send me a tip which goes right into my pocket. 10 BAT is about a $1.50 currently which better than any ad support.

What happens if Brave blocking those scripts breaks my favorite sites?

The Brave Browser has an option to turn their shields off, exposing you to all the tracking and scripts blocking a site from functioning. Although if a site doesn’t work because you are blocking adsense or tracking scripts maybe you should find a new site?

Brave also offers the ability to turn off a piece of the Brave Browser technology so you can try a few options before going full shields down mode.

What about extensions?

Brave will let you use extensions and even browser syncing to create the same experience as Chrome or Firefox. You can install all your favorite extensions so each device acts the same way! Being built of Chromium really makes the switch easy!

How do I get Brave.

You can use my affiliate Link and support the blog using this link.

Don’t want to use my link then you can use this link.

Want to build it from the repository then try this link.

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